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About Us

How often have you and your friends been ready to go out and no one can decide where to go? Well, all that ends with BarNow! This app allows you the unique ability to experience a bar “now” before you get there. This saves the time, money and headaches often spent exploring multiple options, on any given night in any particular city, searching for the best spot to maximize your experience. So, next time someone ask the question, “Where should we go?” you are just one click away to a great night with BarNow!

All in one place

Get all the bars details, offers and see their feed all in one place making it easier for you to chose the right place for your night out.

Bar Offers

Have the advantage of viewing which bar with have the best offers for your night out.

Social connect

Stay connected with your people! View their posts, see their check-ins and follow other users, so that you are up-to-date with what is happening in real time.

User Preferences

View bar information be setting your preferences for certain bar types and you can save your favorites. You always have the ability to set your profile on “private” mode.


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Find your Place

Explore bars, see venues on the map and filter your selection to ensure you can make the perfect choice for your night.

Exclusive Offers

Get BarNow exclusive offers, happy hour specials, discounts and much more!


Create your BarNow profile and set your preferences.

Favorite Bars

“Save” your favorite bars.

Customer Feedback

Share your experience with us by posting your rating and reviews for the bar.


See others’ experiences with BarNow feeds, as well as social media feeds posted by Users.


Have the ability to check-in to your favorite bar. Users can see the male/female check-ins to different venues.

Connected with friends

Stay connected with your friends by watching their posts and check-ins.

Follow others

See the users you are following as well as suggestions of people you many be interested in following.


Contact our support system for any questions.


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For more info and support, contact us!

2052 Fairhill Lane,Marietta, Ga 30064